Friday, November 23, 2012

It appears that Rene Gruau's appeal will always be with us.  Look at this dress.  It is a recent acquisition and huge highlight of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) called simply "Big"  It is the newest installation in the Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume on Level 4 in the Museum’s Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

“This installation highlights objects that are BIG,” states Dr. Alexandra Palmer, Nora E. Vaughan Fashion Costume Curator in the ROM’s World Cultures department. She continues, “BIG is not just about size. Even the smallest textile can have BIG personal, social, and cultural value that shifts according to context."

This great dress was designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior Couture. Specially commissioned by the ROM and made possible by the generous support of the Louise Hawley Stone Charitable Trust, this dramatic coat-dress was inspired by fashion illustrator René Gruau’s drawings of the 1940s and 1950s and is a 21st century reworking of Dior’s 1947 New Look.

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  1. I must say today that I have heard from the Officiel Site of Rene Gruau. The person who runs it wants everyone here to know that mine in a fan site and is in no way related to hers in any other way except we love the man and his work.

    If you are new to the site I hope you will take some time to look around at the last few months that are listed on the left hand side under blog archive. There is much to look at there and remember to come here for any news I can find on this greatly respected artist.

    Sincerely, TD


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