Saturday, March 9, 2013

New short documentary to be made on Gruau


Fine lines and elegant adv have left traces of his imagination and Dior Rouge Baiser. The advertising artist Renato Zavagli Ricciardelli, known as René Gruau, went to the house of make-up in Paris in 1949, giving it a new face, that represented today by the femme au bandeau, a blindfolded woman. Enough for him three colors, white, red and black to revolutionize the image of this brand. Now the director and documentary filmmaker Adolfo Conti has decided to devote a short film in which the illustrator traces his life is through his works. In the galleries is a part of the documentary.
To see a slide show of this just click on the link above.

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Rene Gruau

One of the top fashion illustrators ever to appear in magazine covers, advertisements, posters and the like. This page is a celebration to the man. I hope you enjoy the images and information. In addition, I will sell some very rare ads on linen to frame from time to time. So please look for those.

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